About Us

Queens London Theatre is a smaller, traditional Victorian theatre which was built in 1898.

Unfortunately, after the first world war, the theatre fell into disuse and was quickly abandoned by its owners.

For many years, it lay in ruins and then, to make matters worse, it actually suffered bomb damage in the London Blitz.

It was a long time before rebuilding began on this beautiful venue and people began to value its worth – but as a completely different enterprise. For two decades between the fifties and the nineteen seventies, the building was used as a private school for the orphans of the war.

However, in 1979, the school closed its doors for the final time and for another five or six years, once more, the theatre was abandoned.

And then in 1985, our current owners, J.P. Wildings purchased the venue, with plans to turn the venue into a comedy centre.

Mr. Wildings assumed, correctly, that the time was ripe to bring this beautiful Victorian theatre back towards the purposes for which it was created.

And so, the theatre came back into existence, as a small-scale venue, re born as the epicentre of the London alternative comedy scene. This thrived for many years and in fact, still continues to thrive to this day.

Of course, comedy is still an important part of the entertainment that we showcase, but Queens LondonTheatre is no longer simply a comedy club. It has now grown into a fully-fledged theatre in its own right and attracts the brightest and the best names in the world.

Sometimes, people confuse our theatre with one of a similar name. So, we adopted the name Queens London Theatre in the 1990s to avoid any confusion.

Today, we have a well-established reputation as an outstanding venue for all types of shows, including musicals, musical theatre, classical productions, dance and contemporary theatre,

This is not an exhaustive list and we are happy to consider shows of all types and genres. Last year we put on our first ever burlesque evening, which was met with critical acclaim.

And touring theatre productions, whilst important to us and highly valued, do not tell our whole story.

We also are highly active within our local community and have a number of in house theatre groups.

Queens London Theatre are proud to be able to showcase the best of what is on offer from around the country as well as around our neighbourhood. Isn’t it about time you checked us out?