Show Performance


At Queens London Theatre, we have no hard and fast rules about which types of shows can perform here.

We have a beautiful, now recently restored auditorium capable of seating five hundred people in complete Victorian style.

Our acoustics are now second to none, since our renovations and we have begun to attract more and more musicals and concert live events, as a result.

We are a firm favourite with West End shows and have in previous seasons hosted Oliver, Cats, West Side Story, Annie and many more classic productions.

But musicals are only a small part of our story. We also are a major port of call for the more classical productions, who find our intimate seating arrangement and period d├ęcor to fit in with their shows.

As a result, we have seen both the National Ballet and Northern Ballet come and put on productions here. These were both spectacular events which we hope we will be able to repeat, many times in the future!

Orchestral concerts and recitals have also plenty of traction on our boards and we are looking to book more of these events, especially since our auditorium was re-built to greatly enhance the sound quality.

Concerts and recitals of all types, from orchestras to piano works have all benefitted from the small, close and intimate nature of our theatre, which brings the audience just close enough to feel as if they are part of the performance.

The one thing that our theatre is, is highly versatile and we have some experienced and very talented stage, lighting and sound crew who can make the space into something very different from what you see before you in the daylight.

In other words, even if you were unsure that our space would be the right kind of venue for your event, you might find yourself being pleasantly surprised by some of the transformations that we have achieved over the years.

Should you want to see what sort of effects can be created in our venue, please contact our Stage Manager Mick Jones, for more details.

Finally, Queens London Theatre also stages its own home grown productions and has a rich tradition of devising and writing its own material. With several theatre groups affiliated to us, we have no shortage of homegrown talent and are proud to be able to showcase them to the wider world.

We hope you will come and visit us soon!