Sponsorship Opportunities And AP Theater London

At Queens London Theatre we are always looking for ways to involve local businesses in our theatre and our productions. This can be done in many ways.


Recently, we were looking for ways of renovating part of our auditorium and managed to strike a partnership with three local businesses who agreed to put up half of the funding necessary to complete the repair works, in return for their branding.

Additionally, since the sponsorship of the new wing of the auditorium, the sales revenue received by our three sponsors has increased by over fifty percent. But this is not all, we can offer specific places in the lobby for your promotional giveaways and all related media promotions.

This worked very well for all parties and all three businesses


The ways your company can get out into the community and at the same time increase their brand identity, don’t stop with sponsoring renovation work. We are also offering the opportunity for companies to sponsor individual productions.

Sponsoring a theatre production gives a chance for businesses to do good and promote their brand in the community. They can do this by utilising their own promotional materials within the theatre itself and having their logo added on to our own promotional business items, for example, our brochures.

Our brochures and flyers reach thousands of people in the Greater London area and sponsorship is an excellent way of connecting with these new, potential customers.

This is an excellent chance for your company not only to achieve exposure via our in house promotional materials, but by the use of your own.

So, if you would like our front of house staff to dress up wearing your branded giveaways, we can do that. If you want us to distribute corporate promotional items such as branded pens or promotional cups, we can happily oblige.

But it doesn’t end there. When we promote our productions we also take out radio and sometimes even television advertising and we can put together a sponsorship package which includes this. That is a lot of exposure for your company!


It is not only our in-house productions who are seeking sponsorship. We are also home to numerous theatre groups and in touch with many more, who are always seeking a corporate partner to make similar deals.

In the past, we have found that local businesses who get involved in these local community groups and help out, have received a priceless amount of free publicity. Sometimes, theatre groups will hand out your company’s flyers and other printed promotional items in return for a helping hand.

Because our theatre and community groups are not simply looking for money, sometimes they require help in kind. For example, if you are a clothing shop or tailors, you may be able to help out in the supply of customers, in return for some free publicity – either in the guise of media promotions or otherwise.

Not all transactions have to be financial and our community groups have traditionally embraced a relationship with local businesses, based on doing favours in kind.

So, as you can see, we have plenty that we can offer in terms of advantages for local businesses who are interested in getting involved with theatre projects in the local community. And it doesn’t even have to cost you anything, except some of your time and maybe some of your old stock.

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